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Placenta Encapsulation

Traditional Method

In the traditional method of placenta encapsulation the placenta is steamed over lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper to enhance the warming and tonifying properties before it is dehydrated at a minimum of 160°, ground and put into capsules. Herbs can be adjusted accordingly based on your birth experience or allergies.

Placentas have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries.  Traditional Chinese theory believes a mother gives some of her own life essence when giving birth and is also depleted of qi (energy). As noted by the Materia Medica (Chinese medical text) the placenta is believed to reinforce the essence, warm the kidney channels, and cultivate blood and qi absorption. TCM believes the cold can lead to infection which leads to the belief for warming women after birth, inside and out. Warmth and heat increases circulation and soothes the tissues, which, in turn, aid in recovery. In research done by Raeben Nolan it was noted cooking meat increased the nutrients available to the digestive track which would have otherwise been unabsorbed. (nolan, 2010 and Ellen, 2010) This information helps make a strong argument for using the Traditional Method over the Raw Method. As the method approved by APPA (encapsulation certifying organization) is based only on traditional principles of the Materia Medica and not a direct translation we call it the Traditional Method rather then the TCM Method.


Raw Method

The raw method is different then the traditional method in that the placenta is not steamed or cooked in any way before dehydrated and encapsulated. This method may be right for a mother practicing a raw food diet, or had experienced heavy blood loss or anxiety immediately following birth. The raw method is best done within 48 hours to avoid growth of bacteria and more often done following a home birth.  Dehydration is done at 160° though if a mother would like it to be dehydrated at a lower temperature a waiver would need to be signed as there would no way to ensure there will be no bacteria in the final product. The dehydrator has the potential to incubate bacteria present on the placenta which would not be a problem if the placenta is ingested fresh and raw.

Price : $250

An umbilical Cord keepsake inside a clear mesh bag will always be included with a placenta encapsulation service.

Happy to provide Raw Pieces to create smoothies with at home!

Recipes available!

Placenta Tinctures

A walnut sized piece of placenta is placed in a 2oz glass tincture bottle and dropper with 150 proof grain alcohol. 

Placenta tincture can be used in creating Homeopathic Placenta Remedy as well as Placenta Essence. Mothers have reported similar affects to encapsulation including relieving symptoms of postpartum depression, PMS, and menopause ($25 Extra)

Other Services

Placenta Prints

Placenta prints are a lasting way to remember the incredible source who gave life, protected and nurtured your baby inside your womb. Prints resemble why placentas are known as the tree of life and are made with placental blood on acid-free artist paper. Frame and put in a special place to admire at any time or keep somewhere safe as a reminder of where your baby lived inside you for nine or more months. ($15 Extra)

Placenta Salve

Placentas are known for the healing properties on skin. A salve can be used on skin irritation, scrapes, and perineal or c-section scarring once healed. Placenta has been used in hair and cosmetics for decades because it is beneficial and has a visually apparent effect. ($25 Extra)

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