A Golden Birth's Reality

Allow me to preface this post by saying that Kaitlynne was one of my amazing doula clients. When I met with her and her husband at my local ice cream place we hit it off immediately :) Somehow we began to talk about music and how much I feel music has the ability to help during labor. I could see her eyes begin to light up and she immediately began to talk about the playlists she would create and about her love for music. I will be the first one to tell you she wasn't kidding. The most incredible thing I noticed was she never stopped using her music to help guide her mind, no matter if she was in active labor, transition or pushing. She let her music move right through her and her body. I have seen women dance through labor but I have never seen...

There are so many blog posts out there about what doulas do and yet it is still somewhat a mystery. When someone asks me what I do, and I know other doulas will be nodding their head in agreement, I want to cringe. The conversation usually goes something like this,

Me: “I am a birth doula”

Nice Stranger: “So what is a doula exactly?”

Me: “we provide emotional, physical and information support to woman during pregnancy, labor and birth.”

Nice stranger: “oh…” (looks strangely at you)

Yah, it is an impossible question to answer in the limited amount of time you are usually given and is too complicated to describe in one or even two sentences. This post is going to get into the nitty gritty of doula work, beyond the benefits (which the stats already prov...

Breastfeeding / Formula Resources

If you are breastfeeding make sure you have an IBCLC on hand to call or text when needed for peace of mind. Many IBCLCs will help over the phone for free until you visit them or come to you. Breastfeeding is often an acquired skill so reaching out for help when needed is imperative for a good breastfeeding relationship.

If you are formula feeding ask for information to find the right type of formula for your baby and know your options.

If interested in or planning on donor milk make sure to have those resources available on hand so you won’t be searching with time constraints and a hungry baby.

Ask for Help / Know your Support Team

You don’t need to do it all by yourself. In fact, we humans have the ability to really...

A quick blog post to follow up on my recent birth story. After writing my story I began to think about the births I have attended and how different and magical  each one was in their own way. This could be a Facebook post, but then it wouldn't be permanently available, and this needs to be permanent. It is important for me, especially as a doula, to express how the choices I made for my birth in no way shape how I feel you or anyone else should birth. I might have had the right cocktail of circumstances to achieve the unmedicated birth I desired, but my story does not dictate how others should go, far from it. Who am I to tell you who you are and how to write your story? Full discloser, when I first became a doula I was motivated by my desire to...

This is a story of how Bethany Leclerc, once a single, footloose and fancy free woman, went through pregnancy and birth. Her story of when she first became a momma.

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