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 Bethany Leclerc and Becca Schillaci

Our Philosophy 

The birth of a child embodies the miracle of life and the abilities and strength of women, an intense and life changing experience.  As a doula, our hope is to give you and your partner the tools and support needed to experience a birth you are proud of, no matter the circumstances. Anyone experiencing birth deserves the best experience for them. Using our experience and evidenced based information we support you and your partner in birth so you are able to remain in as much control of the process as possible; allowing families to give birth on their terms.

How did we get here?

Bethany Leclerc CD(DONA), CLC, APPAC

My background before becoming a doula was primarily in the arts. I have a bachelors degree in dance and a

masters in Arts Administration from BU. Through the years I have worked with writing and administering grants

all over Massachusetts. My experiences have led me in all directions though I am more than grateful to have

fallen upon my greatest passion in such a natural way, through growing my family. I am a proud Mama of three

amazing children. The birth of my first son was when my desire to be surrounded by all things birth began to

take shape. Eventually, the baby growing inside me was coming out and I had no idea how it was supposed to

happen. It was quickly apparent this was a much more complicated question then I had originally expected and

the information was fascinating. Since then I have become a certified DONA birth doula, lactation counselor, an 

APPA certified placenta encapsulator and a childbirth educator. As my career in supporting families has

progressed my belief that knowledge and experience around our options during birth has steadily grown

stronger. I have received special training in spinning babies, vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), birth trauma,

premature birth, herbs in pregnancy, use of rebozo during labor,  and massage for labor.  


Becca Schillaci, Professional Birth Doula (ToLabor)

The birth of my son was an amazing and powerful experience, made perfect by the support of my loving

husband and calming sister. That life-changing, intense, and positive event inspired me to become a birth doula;

to be a sister-like presence for other families, who shares in the trust of a birthing person’s intuition and

patience for the process of birth. Before becoming a doula, I was a cognitive developmental psychologist and

an education researcher, with my masters in Developmental Science. I am mom to three fantastic kiddos and

wife to a talented woodworker and certified herbalist. We moved from Boston to our Acton home to enjoy

a "quieter pace." in 2017. Life is chaotic - with lots of play, work, and house projects - and I wouldn't have it

any other way. My passion for supporting families as a doula has developed from my background and feeds

into my day to day life. I bring the "geekiness" of a researcher to share evidence-based information and to

keep learning about labor and birth and the trust in natural processes from my own three births and

my husband's herbal knowledge. I truly love my work! I get a lot of joy from serving families - supporting

folks in exactly the way they need in this moment.


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